What can Plannica® Platform do for you?

Plannica® is an end-to-end customizable no-code/low-code platform to build data validation, governance, and analytics solutions.

Plannica® can be accessed via web or API. Click on here to see Plannica in action. Please request your login information to Plannica by sending email to info@analyticasoftware.com.

General description: The Plannica platform assists users with data integration, data governance and analytics services. The system can be accessed via multiple channels such as web app and restful APIs. The system is developed as a no-code/low-code platform. That means, it can be customized to provide end-to-end solution for several use cases such as demand prediction, model-based optimization, data validation, supply chain planning and KPI dashboard. The system has been implemented with multi-user capability. The general architecture is provided below.


Plannica®: Key Benefits

Based on state-of-art data analytics technologies
Scalable algorithms with quick runtimes
Flexible and Customizable algorithms
Quick return on investment (ROI) via dramatic improvement in KPIs
Short implementation cycle
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