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Looking For A Partner To Optimize Your Business Outcomes? That’s What Analytica Does.

What We Do

Logiciel Plannica is an advanced data analytics and optimization system. Plannica addresses the key challenges in data consistency faced by all businesses. Plannica helps to maximize the capacity utilization and customer service level at the same time.

With the help of state-of-art data scripting and optimization technology, Plannica automatically maps, validates, and transforms different sources of data to ensure internal and external data consistency. Logiciel Plannica has been successfully implemented for both national and international supply chain companies and achieved quantifiable business benefits mainly in the following three KPIs, i.e., 100% data consistency through automatic data mapping, validation, and transformation, up-to 95% operational efficiency by minimizing idle times and setups, and maximizing throughput, and 99% customer service level in fulfilling the orders within their due-dates by optimizing bottleneck resources.

What We Are

Logiciel Plannica is founded by experts in Mathematics, Operations Research, Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, and Information Systems. All the employees in Plannica have expertises at least in one discipline written above.

Our Great Features:

Our products help to improve the quality of data lurking in the veins of your company

Our motto: “The cleaner is the data, the more benefit is accrued from optimization”.


Agility and Speed in Decision-making

Our products provide agility and speed into decision-making process by incorporating the impact of new data quickly.

Deeper Insights

Our products enable you to gain deeper understanding of the productive resources based on data and analytical facts (not superstitions).

Performance-based Management

We help you to quickly experiment different scenarios and evaluate their performances in KPIs.

Strong. Stable. Reliable


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